Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins


Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins is about a man, Hershel, who tries to save the town from the goblins. The goblins are keeping the townspeople from celebrating Hanukkah and the only way to break the spell is to outwit the King of the Goblins on the eighth night of Hanukkah.

Answer the following THICK questions in a comment:

1.) How did Hershel show that he was very clever?

2.) Which goblin was the most memorable? Why?

2.) Be honest! Do you think you would have been able to stay the whole night and meet each goblin? Why or why not?

16 thoughts on “Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

  1. He showed he was very clever by helping them so they can have hanukkah without the goblins bothering them. I think the king goblin is most memoable because he tricked him to light the candle and they could have hanukkah again.No because if i asw one in real life i would run awayand never come back again because they are so scary and creepy.

  2. 1) Hershel showed that he was very clever by staying each night and meeting each goblin.

    2)The first one,Because it says that ,and brings out all the goblins each night, even the king goblin.

    3)No!!!!!!!Because where would you sleep? and how could you not be frightened by the king goblin?

  3. 1.)Hershel showed he was clever by tricking the goblins into thinkink untrue things.

    2.)I think that the first goblin was most rememberable because he was foolish enough to think Hershel could crush rocks with his hands.

    3.)I don’t think I could have stayed all of the nights beacuse I get scared very easy.

  4. He showed he was clever by tricking the goblin into thinking the rules were real when he was spinning the dradel.The Goblin king because he was the biggest and the king.I think I could the last night because I would not want to let the down.

  5. Hershel was clever by fooling each goblin very carefully but also by tying them up.The most memorable goblin to me was the goblin that Hershel fooled by playing dradle with him. No I wouldn’t be able to stay with goblins manly because at night I’d be all freaked out.

  6. 1.)He was clever by using Hanukkah traditions
    and using them to make up his own.
    2.)The first goblin because he was at the beginning of the book.
    3.)No way!!!I’m too scared of the dark!!!

  7. Hershal Showed he was very clever becuase he told the king goblin that the Hanukkah candles were just ordinary candles. I think the most memorable goblin was the goblin that Hershal played the dradle game with becuase he lost all of his money to Hershal because he did not know how to play the game. To be honest I am a scaredy cat! I could not have stayed the whole night with the goblins because if I even saw a picture of a goblins I would have screamed like a two year old!

    Love Ainsley

  8. Hershel was clever because he came up with the idea and did it. The most memorable goblin was the one at the end because it was big and scary. I honesty would have been scared to death I could never stay that long because I would have to think of a way to scare them away i would be dead.

  9. 1.by tricking the gobbling and taking his money.

    2.the one that took his money because it was so funny and that is not how you play.

    3.NO because they are to scare.

  10. 1.He triked the goblens into doing stuff that would let hershal lite the candals.

    2.The king because he stomt on the ground and the walls blew off.

    3.no because they would eat me!

  11. 1.He tricked all the goblins.
    2.The king because he stomped on the ground and the walls blew off.
    3.No because they are scary.

  12. Hershel tricket all the goblins.

    The king goblin because he is the strongest one.

    Yes because he could trick them easly.

  13. 1.)Hershel showed that he was clever by out smarting the goblins into letting him lite the candles.
    2.)I think the most memorable goblin was the one that was so board that he just left.
    3.)To be honest,I would not be able to spend the whole night and meet each goblin because I don’t like scary things.

  14. 1.) He made up his own rules and tricked the goblins easy.

    2.) The goblin king, because he was not very easy to trick.

    3.) No because I don’t think I’m as intelligent as Hershal……(plus I would be scared)

  15. 1.He tricked the king of the goblins into lighting the candles becasuse the king wanted Hershel to see him so Hershel told him to light the candls of hanukkah

    2.The king. because he looked creepey.

    3.No because I’m not as clever as Hershel and I would creeped out

  16. How he shows he is clever is because he out smarts the goblins.

    How it is memorabla is it talks about honukkah.

    Yes! because I think I can out smart the goblins.

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